July 25th and 26th in Sulphur Springs Texas

Lone Star Cup 

The Largest Medieval fighting tournament in the Lone Star State. Full Speed. Full Contact. Real Steel. Brutal Melee Mayhem.

Intense Singles Fights

The best fighters from the state will compete in every weapons discipline in our sport. These competitions are exhausting and physically violent one on one matches to determine who the best fighters of the day. 

Competitions include:

  • Sword and Shield
  • Longsword
  • Sword and Buckler
  • Short Axe
  • Pole Arm

Brutal Melee Brawls

The biggest and baddest teams compete in brutal bouts fought to the last man standing. These fights range from 5 man dog fights, to epic melees where 20 fighters take the field at once.

Competitions Include:

  • Men’s 5v5 Melees
  • Women’s 5v5 Melees
  • Men’s 10v10 Melees
  • Castle Assault
  • All v All Mass Battle


Shadow Renaissance Festivals

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Cup Rules

The Lone Star Cup follows the rules as set forth by the International Medieval Combat Federation where field combat is concerned. However the Lone Star Cup is a unique event in the way points are scored and winners determined.

Cup Scoring

Each Event is scored by standard IMCF rulings and winners are determined accordingly. Each Event medalist then earns points for the team towards the overall Championship. 

  • Event medalists score championship points for their team.
  • Bonus championship points can be scored in All v All
  • Championship victors will be decided by the total accumulated points.

Broadswords, axes and shields will clash as fighters from all around the United States duel during the … Shadow Renaissance Festival.”

– T. Kleiboer @ News Telegram 

“…the crowd gasps and cheers when one knight swings his pole arm overhead like he’s chopping wood and lands three blows to the head of a foe.” – Men’s Journal

“…full speed, full contact, and real steel. This is not a game…” – Geek and Sundry

“The Internation Medieval Combat Federation consists of hundres of fighters from 26 countries around the world…” – Vice Sports

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1200 Houston St.
Sulphur Springs Texas





Saturday July 25th: 10am - 6pm

Sunday July 26th: 10am - 2pm


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