Join us for one the most entertaining medieval fighting weekends this winter. Great fights, good food, and a boisterous Viking Age atmosphere.

Event Details

The 2020 Lone Star Cup is being held at the Valkyrie Ranch in Paige, Texas on December 11th. This year the LSC is hosted by the Texas Viking Festival and presented by the Armored Combat Sports. The event is held in a 18000 sq. ft. indoor climate controlled arena.

Fighter Registration

Interested in competing in at The Lone Star Cup? You’ll find the fighter registration below. All fighters from all organizations are welcome to attend the LSC, membership in the ACS is not required to compete in the event. With five melee events and ten singles events we’ve got an absolute blast of a weekend in the works!


Are you a medieval sports fanatic? Maybe you’ve just discovered the armored combat world. The Lone Star Cup is the perfect event for you. Insane combat action wrapped in a boisterous family friendly renaissance atmosphere. You can score tickets to the event through the Texas Viking Festival.

Fighter Registration Form

Below you’ll find the fighter registration form. There is a $25 registration fee for fighters, which includes a super swanky LSC fighter t-shirt. When you register please choose your local club from the list.

Date(s) - 12/11/2021
All Day

Valkyrie Ranch

Registered Fighters

  • Levi Krupala
  • Grant Kessler
  • Zane Lomison
  • Russell Hoeninghaus
  • Vincent Araujo
  • Kenneth Broyles
  • Shelby Golden
  • Zachary Golden
  • Ryan Herrington
  • Tim French
  • Anna Metz
  • Caitlin Revanna
  • Samantha Eckhardt
  • charlie brumfield
  • Laura Carnes
  • Davide Arditi
  • Cody tyler
  • Andrew Hatfield
  • Taylor Jones
  • Colton Tinker
  • Jesse Fuller
  • Jeremy Ferguson
  • leslie stenerson
  • Sean Hanson
  • Ayden Grace


Bookings are closed for this event.

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Saturday December 11th: 9am - 6pm


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